How to earn $ 841 per week by advisors

How to earn $ 841 per week by advisors

Scalper on M1 – ScalperGap advisor

There are patterns on the market that work on any timeframe. These features include the ability of the chart to close gaps, this method is the basis of ScalperGap. The report below speaks best of efficiency.

The week is 100%. The final profit, although it was a modest $ 245, was received without any drawdown at all.

Below are the transactions for the USDJPY currency pair.

Advisor Monday

It can not be attributed to particularly effective, trade is conducted very slowly. The main entry condition is a breakout of levels built through the extreme points of the beginning of the week.

Out of 6 trades with a loss, only one was closed. But the loss on it was only $ 68.6, and the profit on most other transactions was at least $ 100.

For a better understanding of the principle of the EA’s operation, let’s consider transactions on the chart.

Trading by TS Direction + Daily Range

Trading by TS Direction + Daily Range

It implements one of the oldest Forex trading techniques – the work is carried out on the support and resistance levels. The so-called “market sentiment” is used as a filter. A separate indicator assesses the state of the market and in the “basement” signals in color which direction should be preferred. As for the levels, the Daily Range indicator is engaged in their construction. 

Last week’s deals:

  • AUDCAD – two deals of equal volume are opened when the chart touches the support line. As a result, the bullish sentiment for Direction was confirmed, and an upward movement began, and the deal was practically not in the red. Buy profit is equal to 36 and 64 points, respectively;
  • EURUSD – a sell signal for this currency pair appeared a day before buying on AUDCAD. When the resistance is touched, 2 sell trades are opened. There were concerns about a possible SL triggering (the next day a hairpin was formed in an unprofitable direction), but the stop held out. As a result, one day after the sale, both trades were closed with a profit of 50 and 68 points;
  • GBPUSD – the signal appeared on the same day as for EURUSD, as in the previous examples, 2 deals were entered. The first was closed the next day at TR with a profit of 69 points. The balance was closed a day later, on October 17, and its profit increased to 169 points.

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