Excalibur trend advisor – an example of calm trend trading

Excalibur trend advisor - an example of calm trend trading

Excalibur characteristics

Platform: Metatrader 4

Advisor version: 1.2

Currency pairs: multicurrency robot, trading is conducted on USDJPY, GBPUSD, EURUSD, AUDUSD, USDCHF, USDCAD, NZDUSD

Timeframe: M15

Working time: unlimited

Robot type: enters the market at the end of a rollback. How exactly rollback is determined is unknown

How Excalibur trades

The market entry is performed at the end of the correction for the trend movement. It is not known exactly how this point is determined, there is no way to study the robot’s code, and it is also impossible to understand the logic of market estimation from the settings.

The robot rarely trades, to understand the prospects, we will perform a test with an activated visualization mode.

Very large stop losses are striking. The author clearly bet on a high win rate, while the profit is consistently several times less than the potential loss. Such advisors have the right to exist, but keep in mind that one triggered stop will cross out a solid series of profitable trades.

Expert advisor settings

The peculiarity of the robot is that it is almost impossible to influence the algorithm of its work. Through the parameters available in the settings, you can only set the lot size, the risk per trade, the number of simultaneously concluded deals on the account.

After adding to the chart, the process of initialization and automatic setup of the Expert Advisor takes place. The author claims that some internal settings are adjusted in accordance with market behavior. What exactly happens during this is unknown.

As for the available settings, the trader can change:

  • Magic Number – a number assigned to orders opened by these EAs. It is necessary that Excalibur does not confuse them with other orders;
  • EA_Comment – advisor comment;
  • MaxSpread – allowed spread;
  • Slippage – slippage limit;
  • FixedLots – the size of the fixed lot;
  • AutoMM – trading with a dynamic lot, it is calculated as a percentage of the deposit;
  • AutoMM_Max – maximum risk value as a percentage of the deposit;
  • MaxAccountTrades – limitation on the number of simultaneously opened transactions when trading several pairs at the same time.

The situation with the settings makes it almost impossible to optimize the robot.

At the same time, the author obviously made some changes in the advisor’s code, optimizing it for each of the working currency pairs. The set contains 7 Excalibur advisors – separately for each pair.

Test results

Test results

The Expert Advisor has been tested since the beginning of 2018, a dynamic lot was used, the risk per trade was 3% of the deposit (starting capital of $ 10,000). EURUSD, GBPUSD and USDJPY were selected for the test, the results were mixed:

  • EURUSD – in less than 10 months of trading, the deposit grew by 11.42% with a drawdown of 3.04%. The win rate is 95.83%, and the series of winning trades reaches 15 in a row. On the deposit growth chart, 2 triggered stops are clearly visible;
  • GBPUSD – win rate fell to 73.53%, testing period closed with a 5.92% loss, drawdown reaches 14.21%. There are twice as many deals as in EURUSD;
  • USDJPY – win rate is also lower than EURUSD, it is equal to 81.97%. But the stops for this currency pair turned out to be smaller than those for GBPUSD, due to this, even with such a share of profitable trades during the testing period, the deposit increased by 11.75%. The drawdown was an acceptable 2.99%.

The test results confirm the earlier assumption – the EA has a very high win rate, but even 1-2 triggered stops give a strong drawdown. The tests are encouraging, which is why we put the robot on a real trading account.

Real money trading results

The work on this account was carried out from the end of September for 3 weeks. During this time, a little more than 10 transactions were concluded.

The results are not bad, there is only one large stop loss, most of the trades are closed with a profit.

Out of 12 trades, 9 was closed by the advisor, plus 2 more trades were recorded with a small loss and only 1 was closed with large losses. The drawdown was 4.38%, and the deposit during this time increased by $ 42.55 or 8.51%. For three weeks of trading, the result is not bad, it could have been higher, but trading was carried out with a fixed lot, we relied on reliability.


The Excalibur EA, with all its features, is a good trend robot. Yes, he takes a very small profit, large stops are used, but due to the win rate, the deposit can still be increased steadily. It is better to work with all the recommended currency pairs, the decrease in profit for one of them is compensated by the profit for others.

Do not overstate the lot too much, very large stops are used here, so if you get into an unsuccessful part of the market, you risk, if you do not drain the deposit, then get a substantial loss. In general, you can work with Excalibur on a real account.